Boulder Valley Ranch

Nearest City: Boulder
Location: One mile north of Boulder on Highway 36, then one mile east of Highway 36 on Longhorn Road (a dirt road). The turn-off from the highway onto Longhorn Road is marked with a sign for Boulder Valley Ranch Open Space.
Property: Boulder Valley Ranch
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Status:
Parking: Yes
Number of Trailer Spaces Available: 2-4
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 4.5 hours
Trail Allows: Horses, Bikes, Hikers, Dogs
Restrooms: Yes

The Eagle (2.6 mile from Mesa Reservoir to Eagle Trailhead) and Sage Trails (1.8 mile ) form a loop between this trailhead and the Eagle Trailhead. Heading southward on the Sage Trail you can either take this loop or head westward on the Cobalt Trail below an old smelter of 1930s to 1940s vintage and connect to the Eagle Trail as it heads toward the Foothills Trailhead. Another option is to pass the Cobalt Trail (0.9 mile) and take the Eagle Trail as it turns up toward the now dry Mesa Reservoir. A loop hike is available in the Mesa Reservoir area by following the Hidden Valley (1.0 mile) and Mesa Reservoir Trails (0.8 mile).